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Old English Pot Repurposed- Sold Out

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Early February 2021
Maximum Purchase:
4 units

Due to the near extinct status of English ironstone, we've worked with a very talented team and developed
an historically correct over glaze permanently, lovingly applied to creamers, antique jam and meat pots.

We've taken unprinted ironstone pots to a new level, with very high standards of production.
These are limited editions, and graphics are likely to change according of availability.

Because the pots are one hundred plus years old, these are not considered reproductions, but rather re-loved antique English ironstone, not at all meant to devalue printed pots. Each pot varies in size and shape somewhat.

Stock photo, no two are alike. We chose your piece according to what's in stock.
Pots, circa 1900, notice the bottom and aging of each piece in the listings. It's all about the pot!!
Cleaning ... light dusting, water or chemicals not recommended.
App 4w x 5.5
Sold as found.
Ships to 48 contiguous states.

Price may fluctuate without notice.