Where Did Summer Just Go?

Where Did Summer Just Go?

Posted by Joy Frey Waltmire on Jul 26th 2016

img-9364.jpgI know, I know, it's not gone yet. Why, then does it feel like it? 
Back to school hints are everywhere, and vacations are coming to an end.
Here at the farmhouse we are just getting going on our busy season. We are ramping up to be able to promise to you, our finest show season ever. You can see our schedule on our page called "markets"

It takes an incredible amount of thought and energy to pull together a show, let alone back to back dates, travel, and set up after you're exhausted from driving eleven hours.

This poor little page has clearly been set up on the back burner. Today, I'm re-committing to keeping the blog fires burning, though they be short and sweet.

Like I said, we are ramping up. Which means the workbench is sizzling, Mr. Savvy is busy designing. I'm trying to juggle my design and personal shopping business with the ongoing duties of Savvycityfarmer. 

We are very excited about this season and especially the sale/show here at the farmhouse. Many of you have responded and added to that excitement is the addition of shopping on the main floor of our home, and our newly added "junqueyard" a brocante style small venue in one of our stone courtyards! August 27, 2016

You are welcome to call or text with any questions.