Welcome to SavvyCityFarmer

Welcome to SavvyCityFarmer

Posted by Joy Frey-Waltmire on Aug 1st 2015

You just never know where life's road will take you. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in the Midwest. That in itself bred the love for all things vintage and farm related.  Auctions, furniture redesign and antiquing have been a part of my entire life. It began many years ago. I was five. The memory is very vivid.

For as long as I can remember there's been an interest in room design, vintage antiques and taking something not so pretty and making it pretty.

I grew up in a big old farmhouse with four siblings. Mom was Dad's right-hand when it came to farm help in the fields. After school there was always a to-do list. The Saturday list included cleaning our rooms meticulously. I found a great thrill in rearranging my room each week. Nothing got put back the way it was the week before.

I can remember asking Mom if I could paint the walls, and on one particular Saturday asked if I could apply wallpaper to an old cardboard wardrobe where my clothes hung.

In the seventh grade, my mind drifts back to a very clear memory of a sewing project I was assigned in Home Economics class.

Most of my fellow students knew how to sew because their mothers did.

Mom did not. She instead, drove a tractor.

Upon her suggestion I tackled the redesign of a piece of furniture.

We picked up an old dresser at an auction for $2.50 painted high-gloss black.

Now today that would've been in vogue to leave it black.  I put on my trusty rubber gloves, opened a can of "zip strip" and never looked back.

On various weekends when the weather was nice Dad would attend farm auctions. I would beg to go with him. Auto correct that by saying he went almost every weekend.

Those were the days where it was safe to let your kids run around unattended.

My dad would head for the tractors and I would run for the flatbed wagons full of dishes, small furniture, beautiful linens and farm items crafted from the the household word we call zinc.

I remember being totally mesmerized.

Eventually Dad, being the master at bidding, taught me.  He had this way of  giving a little nod or using his hand in a small gesture.

I picked that up and it has remained with me to this day.

I want to encourage all of you. You can accomplish good design!

Some of you have been addicted to this for as long as I have and some of you are new and younger - just starting your journey of design, loving antiques and being creative with the mix.

SavvyCityFarmer is a seed that was planted ten years ago. It started with a blog and has grown into a website with branded items, including a private label paint line. We travel the Midwest as vendors at local and nationally advertised markets.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for particular items. We love personal shopping and do it quite often.

Thank you for shopping our site and thank you for ten years of loyal readers and customers.