Posted by Savvycityfarmer on Aug 2nd 2016

Surround yourself with beauty

Whether it be a vase of flowers from your yard, a stack of pretty dishes or a front porch with two matching rockers, surround yourself with beauty.

We all need inspiration and sometimes it comes from the small moments that we see happening all around us.

Doesn't have to be a big shopping spree or a brand-new car. In fact those can leave you empty. So look around your home this week and see what you can see.
Do you have a favorite collection?
Do you need to start a collection?
You have a garden full of hydrangea!?

For me these are the things that I like to surround myself with.
A stack of beautiful photographs of my grandkids and a white Ironstone pitcher full of fresh picked hydrangea.

Take a moment as summer seems to be coming to an end, well not really but there's boards full of autumn already on Pinterest.

So while we won't be rushing it, autumn is the perfect time to settle in, and start nesting and rediscovering the beauty of your own home.

I also invite you to click over onto our page titled MARKETS.
We could end up being in your neck of the woods between now and Christmas. 

Love y'all