Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Posted by Joy Frey Waltmire on Jan 1st 2019

We would like to take this time in this moment on the first day of 2019 to say happy new year.

What are you doing this year?

Are you going to make some house changes? Are you going to make some health changes?
More selfcare, perhaps. Maybe you have retirement just within your reach. (We have 20 year old carpet that needs to go bye bye)

What a year it has been. Just like everyone, some great times and some not so great times. 

We are dedicated to forging ahead. We are excited about some changes coming, some new ideas, some new opportunities and challenges.

We would love to stay connected with you and as the business changes and evolves we would like to keep you informed.

Thank you to many, many of you who shopped the website this year, who shopped our markets and even stopped at our home to shop! It has really been very exciting to meet a lot of you and chat by phone or texting.

Have a blessed and prosperous year!

From the office of