can we talk?
 …  another quick rant about this
fabulous book …
( mostly because every day is like new life)
… not sure, but I'd say it's most likely at top 
of the charts by now.

My life and mental outlook 
concerning weight
and weight loss has been forever changed.
Cravings are gone
all the white stuff has been
 purged from my cupboards
bmi index is at 19
size 10 converted to size 4
... still in awe and amazed
 every single day that passes

see for yourself
please, please please for the sake of your
family and the ultimate in knowledge
on insulin and the effects of over production
 read this book.
If you feel so led, then implement the plan!
for three-four years I was stuck in the high 140's
no matter what I did,
 I could not break away from that spot.
thank you Cindy for leading me to this 
lifestyle change … love ya
(we're both headed to 61 in a few short weeks)

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always at Amazon!