I love just really love this song … 
the beat, the beat and the beat … 
it moves me … 
just like blogging moves me.
( for almost nine years now)

as of late tho … time is slip, slip slipping away 
my day starts with a hundred good intentions … 
an inquiry comes in that takes an
 hour to resolve, and then
a question rolls in
about the measurements of a piece … 

and so it goes.
I swore I would never
 engage with advertisements
on this blog 
and I committed to you that I would 
never give up blogging
and I am not 

all this to say … 
I'm still here in spirit.
Posting comes a little harder these
days as we prepare for shows
( two national shows now)
and keep up with with grandkids and their 
growth patterns … eight now, yes eight!

… without being repetitive 
I will always have this blog
but these days interacting comes a little easier 
over at Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you have input, I would love to hear from you …

I am and will always be 
grateful for you all, my first love …
but some days
ain't nobody got time for that.


NanaDiana said...

I am glad to see you here. I understand about time getting away from you. Life just keeps moving us along and sometimes we have to let things go a bit-even though we don't give up on them.

Eight grands! Good for you- we have a bunch, too!;>) xo Diana

summersundays-jw said...

I totally understand....having many of the same issues (not the shows)but life in general seems to get in the way of blogging. Have a great summer! Jan

It's me said...

Lovely week darling....enjoy life....but i hope you will stay here....blogging is mor fun than fb ..that is for Ria...x !

donna baker said...

Just to hear from you once in a while is good. I don't do facebook, pin, et al, so... keep posting occasionally for us. The reason I don't do anything but blog is because I don't want to spend any more time than that on the computer.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh keep on blogging once in a while because I don't do facebook or instagram thingies
We all want to see what your up to and those grandchildren just keep on coming

linda56 said...

I don't like face book and all the other social media.....I prefer blogs....they are more personal....and I have missed you here....just my two does get you busy....but please come back to bloging

Burlap Luxe said...

Beautiful family joy, and the outfit your daughter Angelia made with the bandannas looks to be vintage table cloths are adorable.

Enjoy blogging your so good at it, as for the up and coming shows best of show coming from you.