I love just really love this song … 
the beat, the beat and the beat … 
it moves me … 
just like blogging moves me.
( for almost nine years now)

as of late tho … time is slip, slip slipping away 
my day starts with a hundred good intentions … 
an inquiry comes in that takes an
 hour to resolve, and then
a question rolls in
about the measurements of a piece … 

and so it goes.
I swore I would never
 engage with advertisements
on this blog 
and I committed to you that I would 
never give up blogging
and I am not 

all this to say … 
I'm still here in spirit.
Posting comes a little harder these
days as we prepare for shows
( two national shows now)
and keep up with with grandkids and their 
growth patterns … eight now, yes eight!

… without being repetitive 
I will always have this blog
but these days interacting comes a little easier 
over at Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you have input, I would love to hear from you …

I am and will always be 
grateful for you all, my first love …
but some days
ain't nobody got time for that.