Can we talk? … not about shows, or antiques, or great rooms, or our latest finds!
Meet my friend Cindy … 
she wanted me to post my modest success story, but I would rather show her off to you. 
We have been BFF's for 25 years … 
we've been up and down the scale together, mostly up.

In July 2013 she asked for the book
 from her kids for her 60th birthday … yes we even hit that milestone together this year.
 Anywho … she devoured the book, and dove in to this life changing, vitality giving, energy delivering food plan … I refuse to call it a diet!
She has all but reached her goal of 110 … 
she's weighing in at 112. 
One important fact … 
she started at 150!! She's an even five feet tall. 

Long story short, I jumped on
 in November when I visited her
 in Michigan and my life has
 been changed forever. I had been half seriously
 losing a few here and 
there for the last year. 
Well to date I'm minus 24 pounds 
and am in disbelief to 
be able to say the
 words, " I weigh 125" … it's been 19 years since the 
scale read that!
 If you're on 
the fence and or looking for 
the most life and energy giving 
weight loss plan ever, 
this might be for you! 
  let's talk!

yes my peeps, she's 60 !!!