we have made an executive decision  …
 soon we will be phasing out
the beautiful 
Jeanne d'arc Living magazine.
It's been a stellar relationship 
between you the reader,
myself as the retailer, and JDL.
This group of people and their business
is top notch!
As many of you know, 
we will be taking on their new
paint line called

at this particular time in our business
 we would rather "pour"
a lot of effort into the paint line ...
supplying you the customer 
with this superior product.

That said … 
be sure you secure your next few issues  …
Spring and Summer are the best
of the best.

you can pre order
 one month
 in advance of any new month
up until late summer.

Needless to say
we will make a joyous announcement
when the paint ship to the 
thank you for your patronage.

photo credit: rural events and JDL

1 comment:

Burlap Luxe said...

Every new and exciting business journey is always a gift In itself. Watching it grow while nurturing a product or line we so believe in. I see the as just another beautiful direction you are heading towards, passing on another beautiful product.

Blessings in all your business dealings.