Allow me to introduce you to someone really special.
I met Heather …  where else but Facebook.
I stumbled upon her and we chatted back and forth.

I fell in love with her and her life's philosophy.

Here's a brief interview,

and links to all of the social media connections.

   savvycityfarmer: "how did this all start?"       
My business took flight in 2009 when I opened up my etsy shop
I started out by selling handmade and vintage items which I loved. This was such an exciting time for me! I really didn't know it was possible to do all of the things I loved, and make money from it...... create and shop antiques while being home with my babies. Ever since I was a young girl I've loved creating things to gift or sell. My sisters and I were in the local craft fair with my mom, we would also go door-to-door selling bouquets of wild flowers and pretty rocks we had found. I am also the oldest of 14 kids. I've always known I've wanted to be a mom, and that was always my #1 dream. So yes, a creative, nerdy, entrepreneur, mini-mom from the start :)
My business has evolved quite a bit since the beginning. Within a year of opening my etsy shop I also started this was such an awesome experience! When you own an online business and do not have direct person to person contact with your customer it can become easy to feel disengaged. I am a huge people person and struggled with this because I really love the interaction with others and the encouragement and support you can offer each other. Blogging was a way to get a part of that back into my business. Even though it's not face-to-face your relationships are still way more than transactional. And through my blog, I have found the best support group of creative women! Also, It will never cease to amaze me how lucky I am to be born at this time in history. When else could I have possibly owned a small business while raising so many kiddos, homeschooling, and farming? We are lucky that we need not own or run a storefront, as I have no interest in maintaining and giving so much time to something like that.

savvycityfarmer" It's clear you have a young family … how do you balance work, hubby, and young children?" 
 Work/Life balance is a huge issue for me and continues to remain so. On any given day which seems to flow real smoothly and I start to think,  "maybe I've got this thing figured out?" The next day I am almost guaranteed to be standing on my head again, trying to tread water..... and wondering what-the-heck I'm doing. When I started my business I had two toddlers and a baby, and looking back, my life was so E.A.S.Y. Ok, maybe my memory is making things a bit more rosy, but my boys would literally roll together on the floor like baby bear cubs most of the day while mamma got her work done. Fast forward to today......... two more babies, and a growing farm. (We have since began raising most of our own meat). And life no longer feels quite as simple as it used to. Because a simple family centered life is what we strive for it requires constant evaluation and change to get rid of what's not working and do more of what is. I am stubborn enough to believe it is possible to create a business which revolves around our lives, instead of a life which revolves around our business. Creating my magazine (Homebound Magazine available in my shop and holding classes has been such a great fit for our lives, and family that we have chosen to focus on these two things moving forward. It is important for me to figure out how to structure my business so that as it grows it won't change our priorities as a family (Me being able to be home with the kids, homeschooling, and growing our own food.) Because we have busy lives, yet value our closeness as a family I have learned to be really good at letting go of the perfection. Of course there are moments when I look at what other people are doing and wonder "how did they do that so fast??" And then I remember that we are each on our own journey's, with our own priorities, things that come up, and there is nothing I would change about my life (ok, I actually would be totally fine never scrubbing another toilet!) So yes, I do very much feel that my business is still in the growth stage. My magazine and classes are still babies in the business and creative world, but I am so excited to see what they will become with the proper nourishment, care, and love!
Through everything that I do, my shop, blog, magazine, and classes (even being a wife and a mom!) my hope is to be encouraging and inspiring to others. That you also can create a home and life you love which revolves around life's simplest and most beautiful of pleasures. I am addicted to the farmhouse style because the life and design of it is everything which I love. Pure function, simplicity, and love of the imperfect. I love teaching and inspiring others to be creative and use whatever they've got (they're current supplies, talents, etc..) to create something which makes them feel so happy and fulfilled. This is our one chance to live and love with all we've got!

savvycityfarmer: " tell us what a day in the life of POST ROAD VINTAGE looks like?" 
A day in the life of Post Road Vintage........
My perfect day is waking up at 5am with a hot cup of coffee and a quiet house (the only time of day it is almost guaranteed to be quiet around here). I am a morning person and LOVE the mornings. It truly feels like ANYTHING is possible and I can take on the world. So I usually try to get some work time in here. Or I will read, write in my journal, and just breathe :) The kids usually wake up around 7 and we make breakfast, read books, and do some chores (not in any particular order). I am not one for an overly structured day and have found it works best when I don't force this upon myself. We do 'school' all day. Between work, play, making meals, working in the garden, tending animals, and bumming a little bit too. I have found that there is rarely a 'perfect' day, but rather it is 'perfect' if everyone is healthy, happy, and finding time to do the things they love. After my hubby gets home we have supper together. The evenings can vary quite a bit. Sometimes we just continue on with our days activities, other times my hubby takes the kids bumming, trapping, or hunting so I can get some work done. Many evenings we also have projects to work on together (right now we're building a chicken coop.) We go to bed too late, but it doesn't matter.... the babies stay sleeping all night. (oh, I did say perfect, right?!) ;)
 savvycityfarmer: " what role does your faith play in your business?"
How my faith effects my business......
Our faith is very personal to us, and I don't usually dive into it too much on my blog. But obviously it is a huge part in shaping us and what we do. Just after a year of running our business, we lost our first daughter. And I will say that experience with her and our faith has changed a lot of how and why we do what we do. She is my reminder to always always do what I love and be brave, because there are no guarantees of tomorrow. She is also a reminder to us to never sacrifice family in a way which will hurt them because most of what we do is just 'details'. It's the big huge things like faith and family that really matter.

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She is an amazing woman … you'll fall in love with her, too 

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NanaDiana said...

Headed over to meet this amazing young woman. Thanks for featuring her. Diana

Sonia said...

Heather is an amazing young mom and friend, publishing an amazing publication. I love her work and lifestyle. Very inspiring!!


imsovintage said...

What an amazing young woman. xo Laura

Loretta E. said...

Great interview! Really captures who she is! And I should know because she's my big sister :)