Nina Hartmann

… at times I live I a dream state
wondering what it would be like to meet this lady …
well wonder no more!!
I am bursting at the seams 
of my way too tight jeans
to announce that
three time author
and uber chic designer
 Nina Hartmann
of "Vintage by Nina"
will be the guest of honor
at the City Farmhouse Popup sale
October 17-18
promoting her fourth book … 

~a book about winter~
with reflections of Christmas

details to follow
as they become available!!
stay tuned here 
and follow along at 
"city farmhouse"
on Facebook

save the date
We'll be there too, with a booth full
of fabulous finds, redesigned goods, farmhouse vintage
and Euro style painted furniture.
... make your plans as soon as possible
to attend the second 
City Farmhouse show 
in Nashville, TN

chat soon!
love y'all