this is one of my first posts
written eight years ago
when I began blogging ... 
her response was
you should start a blog ...

My thoughts are all over the place this morning.
It's a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l late
 summer day and I am flashing 
back to being a kid on the farm 
 August 15, 2005 ... Frey Farms, Inc.
 purged their "soul" yesterday and 
auctioned every tractor and every
 screw driver that had graced
 the farm for fourty plus years.

At the sound of the 8440 puffing
 its last puff of diesel smoke

 my eyes welled up and my mind flashed
 instantly to that sound as a kid 
hearing my mom and dad "go to work. "

People for the most part have the misconception that a farmer has it made ... after harvest he plays around until he plants his corn in the spring.  I've heard people say that.  Even the son in laws yesterday, as they jumped in by directing hundreds of 4x4s with duel tires where to park, really had no concept of what it meant to be committed to tilling the earth.

Alot of {hungry} men came to see if they could put the feather of a deal in their cap and walk away or tote a flat bed full of John Deere green home with them as far away as New York. Yikes

This was the bread and butter our whole lives ... one couple dedicated to staying true to their passion. A passion so strong that Dad wold pick up the dirt just to smell it. A passion so strong that as kid I remember him trying to decide which hybrid to plant.
 He would wrap the seeds in 
moist paper towel and keep 
them in the kitchen on a shelf ... the first one to sprout would win the hybrid prize.
 A passion so strong that Dad would lay under the tractor to take a nap ... he would plant or
 harvest til darkness came ... the harvest moon, remember?

I will always remember helping
 Mom create the gourmet delight called a bologny sandwich (with Miracle Whip) nothing else would do 
... a pepsi, a snicker bar and a sandwich was
 the Panera Bread stop for Dad and the hired help.  My Mom faithfully fed and watered 
for fourty years and had dinner ready at dark. 
 Many times the two of them would sit down late to eat together.

This era came to an end yesterday
  ... my thoughts were rolling around all day as I knew I would put pen to paper (keyboard) to recap.
 God is blessing my parents 
at this moment ... despite all the earthly hurdles, their hearts were (are) set on things above. In the chaos of kids, suitcases, hair dryers, cell phones and keys,
 they were still concerned and in a 
giving mode all day long ... even caring for the newest farm convert, a great grandchild,
Aidan Lloyd.

I will never forget each smell, sound, touch and comforting glance of yesterday.
 No one can steal the memories. 
I praise God for parents that knew 
and can testify to "whatever they put their hand to "God prospered "(doesn't always mean money)
 and is faithful to the end.


Rita C. said...

What a beautiful post - and still so relevant. Lucky you to have the blessing of both your parents still alive to see how you're transforming the farm into such loveliness. Best of luck on the Grey Barn Farm inaugural event!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh, boy...I remember this from way back.
So thankful you re-posted...precious memories all stirred up again.

Sheila said...

Beautiful...thanks so much for sharing.


Gail Peterson said...

Sounds like it what yesterday in your heart...I bet the life lessons you learned were far more than the crops each year!
Casual Loves Elegance

Grey Barn STORIES Photography said...

If it gets bad, meet up at the farm!

Karen L. Bates said...

Blessings on your family...lovely post.

ImSoVintage said...

Such a beautiful post. xo Laura

Cheyenne said...

Oh my friend, this made me almost want to weep. What a rich heritage you have come from! Such a blessing to have grown up & know the soil. I LOVED hearing about your dad wrapping the seeds up & placing them up on the shelf. Such a great post. Wrap these memories up and pass them along - it's what your family is made of!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

When I was drawn to your blog by the name...I never expected to read this. Like the blogger above me, this post touched my heart.
It sounds like an end of an era in your family.
You have beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing them..and may God walk beside you and your family on this journey.

Tilda said...

purged their "soul" yesterday and
auctioned every tractor and every
screw driver that had graced
the farm for fourty plus years.

At the sound of the 8440 puffing
its last puff of diesel smoke

I knew at those words, my eyes would fill with tears. We are farm families. Little by little, we purge, and I remember how Dad felt about this farm. The way we feel about this farm. We keep the farm, we keep the tractors, but we don't 'farm' it anymore. My farmer, the son, can't quite let it go. And I LOVED the smell of the dirt. No one but a farmer can truly appreciate that. Thank you so much for posting this again!