call me goof-ey, call me crazy
call me a wack-job
but I don't mind doing dishes.

just don't call me to do your dishes.

I am prr-r-e-t-t-y  f-u-s-s-y tho
about the ambience IN the kitchen whilst I wash 
away the dinner grime.

a ways back I spoke of the possibility of
a small kitchen makeover
which would've included an
apron farm sink ...

for now that possibility is over at the stove 
on the back burner ... bummer

this farm girl can get high
on soap suds just dreaming
about sinks

truth be told my habit of choice
falls on Pinterest

the soaps, sinks and sundries
there blow me out of the dishwater

so let the daydreaming games begin

yes, I'd carry my dishes to the powder room 
or the laundry tub 
and wash them there!

don't ask me to chose a favorite
OR wash your dishes!

joining in with
vintage inspiration friday