... now we're cookin' with gas ... 

see that big ole' kettle on the back burner?

... inside that big ole' kettle something is brewing
that might blow its lid off.

never mind this
and all its stucco beauty ...

warm up to this 
midwinter blues giveaway!

this city farmer is planning to
 make an announcement
in early spring ... 

 a shout out
to y'all for the next business move here

savvycityfarmer giveaway

if you have the

join in the fun for this 

whoever comes the closest
 or actually guesses the 
business opportunity 
will receive one 
issue of
Jeanne D'arc Living magazine
March 2013
on it's way here as we speak, from Europe

you need not be a follower to play
but I'd love it if you were!

you can leave as many guesses as you'd like
each with a different comment.

there will be no random generated number .... 
hubby and I will chose the comment 
that comes the closest.

I'm sorry, there will only be one winner.

now pardon me while I take
a little blog break until Monday
to work on the business plan!
giveaway closes
 on Monday,
March 4, midnight
Chicago time

if I've shared any tidbits with you personally
please ... please no comments
shipping to 48 states only


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Could you be opening up a tea shop?

: - )

How exciting, whatever it is and I would so love to win that spring copy!

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Joy what could you be up too?!!! You always do things with such style so I know you already had a beautiful shop that was one of my fav places called Stuff with Style. Ohhhh brings back such great memories!!! I am thinking the tea pot is a clue along with the stove to maybe some kind of eatery maybe a tea room or coffee shop/ bakery!! I hope so that would be awesome. The new Jeanne d'Arc Living looks really pretty for Spring would love to win that.

Claudia Moser said...

An antique shop maybe? Or a furniture shop? :)

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Could there be frenchbread?
Could you be opening a patisserie?

It's me said...

This magazine is here next to me on the table is great !!! from me

peggy reed said...

I'm going to guess the new business is something to do with fireplaces -- maybe outdoor fireplaces even.

Mary Smither said...

maybe a wine and cheese shop??

Lili said...

Hmmm...are you thinking of distilling essential oils?

Di said...

Brewing something awesome, I am sure. But brewing what An upscale tea room with wonderful pastries and antiques with wonderful vintage linens and maybe a sweet lunch menu to boot?? I wish you much success. Of course my hubby would wish you were brewing beer! Diane

Jody.Kippels said...

Bed and breakfast? Much success.

Panoply said...

Ok, here's my guess...after following you on your blog, FB and Pinterest, and seeing what a great job you do with styling, I wouldn't be surprised if you would venture into event planning. After seeing the photos of your family wedding last Fall, and seeing how well you source, create and style items, you'd be perfect for that kind of work!


gardensmith said...

Could it be a magazine? Tea parties, gardening, antiques all with your beautiful photos and clever writing.

The Other Me Is Sane said...

as a long time follower, I've seen the connection between you and the ladies at Romancing The Home. I just read their closing the store post and moving on to periodic sales, so I'm guessing you will be working with them on putting on those sales! Please tell me I won!

pballard said...

Could it be a little coffee/tea/bakery shop? Whatever it is I cant wait to hear about it!

Karen Albert said...

Lets see, could it be a patisserie with spots to enjoy tea or coffee; perhaps with cooking classes as well.

Love and Hugs,

Art by Karena

Recycled Rita said...

If the teapot is a clue, I am going to say a darling teahouse or coffee/tea shop....with wonderful style of course! karen...

cindy hattersley design said...

Will you be selling on Second Shout Out by chance....or First Dibs?

Crossnote said...

could it be a vintage/antique booth in a antique store...or something to do with photography?
my two guesses, Corinne

Curtains in My Tree said...

Maybe a home designer or estate sale planner?

Bliss said...

As many guesses as I want huh? Ok then....

Your chili recipe got picked up by Natural Gas magazine.


Cat said...

I'm going with a "Sur La Table" style shop and classes

Lorraine Finkbeiner said...

Hmmm......Bliss is pretty close I think.....she's SO clever! I bet you're cooking something up with that daughter of yours.....she already has a magazine and you're in that.....maybe a book of your own?

Noël McNeil said...

Ok, my guess is what I think would be awesome. How about your going to go to Provence and go to herb farms to be taste testing the finest herbs for tea and then coming back home and opening some kind of specialty cafe? I hope I'm close!

Bliss said...

Joy... like I don't have a million other things I should be thinking about, however have to add a guess for today.

Guess #2...Lets see.....
You are going to Paris. The chief French dude, has invited you to style his castle.


At Home in English Valley said...

You are opening your beautiful home as a Bed and Breakfast...
...Whatever you do Joy, you will do it with grace and style, your signature! love, Penny

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Joy...I say a French inspired Cafe in the middle of the burbs attached to your shopable shed!

Tracy said...

I think it will be a bread bakery, with all sorts of yummy homemade breads and other goodies!
btw I am a new follower! Tracy
Good Luck

licha20 said...

Allow me to take a wild guess......something to do with a cute charming coffee shop? You're going to open a tiny place in your store that will serve happy libations!!! Am I at all close????
It was fun to take a guess. :-D

Style Shack said...

I hope it's a book!