~a post with a past ~

I receive emails quite often 
concerning this post ...  and its charm

add a little~ genteel~
to your weekends
or time alone!!

vintage silver plate

I know, I know, you might have 
one of those plastic butlers from Walmart or Targeeh ...
but hear me out on this ... 
In these lean times, we all need a little perk.
  Every thrift shop has a couple 
a' dozen of these ageless beauties.
 I can't bear the thought of any of them
laying around in a landfill. 
Take one home today.

I am vowing to pour my
 morning coffee from this
 LOVELY ageless carafe, starting today.

Brew your morning coffee or tea
Transfer the beverage of choice
 to this stunning carafe
Light the little tealight (save electric) 
and surround yourself with soothing beauty.


the coffee really does stay hot

one of my most well read
posts from the past