~a post with a past ~

I receive emails quite often 
concerning this post ...  and its charm

add a little~ genteel~
to your weekends
or time alone!!

vintage silver plate

I know, I know, you might have 
one of those plastic butlers from Walmart or Targeeh ...
but hear me out on this ... 
In these lean times, we all need a little perk.
  Every thrift shop has a couple 
a' dozen of these ageless beauties.
 I can't bear the thought of any of them
laying around in a landfill. 
Take one home today.

I am vowing to pour my
 morning coffee from this
 LOVELY ageless carafe, starting today.

Brew your morning coffee or tea
Transfer the beverage of choice
 to this stunning carafe
Light the little tealight (save electric) 
and surround yourself with soothing beauty.


the coffee really does stay hot

one of my most well read
posts from the past


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...


An all-around fabulous idea!

But I REALLY want a Mr. Carson!!!

Just For Today said...

I just shared your photo on fb, asking friends if they have one they would like to sell me. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!



Hugs From My Heart

Splenderosa said...

So true. I've collected these kinds of items for decades, and now my daughter has begun. There is nothing more elegant than using beautifully made antiques or vintage things in our homes. Great post.

Charlene said...

Beautiful! It does give it charm doesn't it? ENJOY!

roughluxeperspective said...

Such a wonderful idea...if only I could find the time!

lissyparkerltd said...

I love this idea–I so need one of these. Looking on line now.
xo, Lissy

Anne said...

Oh I remember this post the first time around.And do you know what?I went out hunting for one of these and scored one pretty cheap too :-).But I have to admit I have not used it as intended.I just have it displayed with my other silver.

shirlgirl said...

You are so right. These days are to full of plastic and throw away. We nedd to luxuriate once in a while. Beauty is very needed in our lives. Inspiring, thanks.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm going to haunt thrift stores for one. It is a lovely idea!

NanaDiana said...

I have had one of these for about a hundred years!;>) I don't always use if but if we are having someone over I do- Love it-xo Diana

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

I think it is so important to use the pretty things we have, not save them for "company" Enjoying life each day...

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Joy,
I just saw one the other day at my thrift, and I cannot tell you how many times I have reached out to place one in my cart to make a purchase, seeing yours has inspired me to go back and take a closer look into purchasing it.

Your silver and glass vignette looks so inspiring to create your same mood.

A beautiful week into the weekend to you.
Keep inspiring us with your beauty.


SueAnn Lommler said...

It is so beautiful and a wonderful idea

Katie Clooney said...

What a charming blog you have. Love the doing the dishes post!

Lili said...

Ooooh I love these carafes...I use mine to scent up my home with using lemon slices, vanilla and rosemary, but I adore it's intended purpose to keep a pot of coffee nice and hot! They are just elegant no matter what.
~Lili xo

Grey Barn STORIES Photography said...

Hey Savvy City Sister,
I wish you could stage our bridal show booth for Sunday, so yeah ... and if you have any NW Indiana followers who are getting married soon ... send 'em our way!

Relax, we've got you captured! STORIES Photography

decorator to the stars said...

sounds good, but i'd probably burn down the house with the tea light....i flit around alot :)

omega57 said...

What the world needs now is a touch of elegance and morning coffee from a lovely pot n a lovely cup. Maybe even read a bit of the papaer or a book. Not coffee on the way to work in a travel mug because we are late though I do love my coffee on the road. I would love to find one of these myself. Linda