I have but a short moment here ...
to check in and add a brief post.

dog gone it ... every once in a while the workbench
production gets a bit monotnous ... 

sometimes I take for granted that, even being in an ugly basement workshop
is a luxury on a cold, wet winter-y day.
I am not complaining ... 

mr. savvy has gone above and beyond
the call of duty to
arrange a place for me to work from home.

it means the world to me seriously ... 

I'm just a work from home kind of gal

yesterday, I was just stuck
pondering a pile of reclaimed barn wood,
and stuff just laying around with no purpose ... 
trays, hooks, frames, more hooks, old windows, 
buckets ... 
all in the abyss of the 120 year old basement.

ding ding ding
flash flash flash 
the light went on ... 
grabbed the screw driver, some paint, stain,
hooks, and one of those forlorn trays ...
and here's what rolled off the workbench

yes, this repurposed tray is attached and secured
to this reclaimed barn wood.

Hang your favorite French linen
or your chefs hat from these 
old black coat hooks
(the stash in her garage
 is right on my way to the family farm
oh darn)

I think I'll quit for this week
and get back to pondering the pile
reclaimed barn wood

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