always have been and always will
be a pick up kind of gal.

 the farmer in my blood
surges with the thought of the pick up bed ...
a place to throw some wonderful junk
and the thrill of riding high
my daddy drove nothing but pick ups 
and his daddy, too
Grandpa Ed
( just like the one here)

I learned to drive at the early age of 14 ... 
 ... in a white
rusty dusty pick up
 ... out in the beans stubbles ...
four on the floor

getting inside my Dad's head for a minute ... 
he probably thought that was the
 safest place to let a kid 
get a feel for the wheel ...

in 2001 we,
mr. savvy and I,
 took the plunge into the depths of
the great American dream 
 and bought a brand
spankin' new Ford Expedition. 

big mistake ...
car payments up the waahzoo
and and and ... we lived and learned 
and and and ... 

I will not say we drove it into
 the ground, but
Finally the day came about six weeks ago or so ... 
we knew that we knew that we knew
it was time.

being that I still needed a 'bed' to throw that 
wonderful junk in ... I had very fussy
specs on my secret wish list ...
Out of the gate  .... 
we knew that we knew that we knew
we could not buy NEW .... 
so the search was on for a used truck,
unlike anything or color we'd ever bought before.
 yes, we were Ford folks

mineral gray was at the top of the list
a cap on the 'bed'
Dodge Ram 
a little chrome 
and and and ...
finally after about six weeks of scouring 
the net ... there she was ... on a website we stumbled upon

May I present to you
the Grey Sleigh

the used pick up of choice for this
savvycityfarmer ...

I'll be hitting the open road 
a bit more this spring ...
so if you see me curb pickn'
in your neck of the woods

... honk if you love pick ups!