I'm trusting that you're all re-cooped from these
last few weeks and that your time with family was 
filled with fun and new memories.

I snuck away from the workbench ...
after the last container was planted 
with fresh greens ... I called it quits
until today ... yes, as soon as this post goes live,
my head goes head down, as I head down those stairs ... 

but alas, it's time ....
a fresh new look at the workload and a good perspective on
balancing it.

mr. savvy and I dove into a little re-do at my workbench ...
we expanded the space, shop vacc'd every spider web, plugged in new heaters,
and organized every raw piece waiting in the wings!

it's always the small moments in life that bring me the most 

I mean really, who works with spiders hanging above their head?
I do ... it's commonplace here at this old farmhouse!

for now, it's as good as it's gonna get!

No problem, tho ... 
no complaining Joy

it's warm, tidy and organized to suit the 
style of a painter and repurpose-er

 I'm ready to rock and roll!

 There are oodles of new stencils, 
a fabulous pile of frames and barn wood
 a few new tools, a pile of new brushes, AND ideas.

... and the shed is full of website offerings

what more could ya want?

the trusty little iPhone and mac top sit
right next to the workbench ...
so if you need to chat
or you have any questions,
many of you know I answer back as quickly as I can ... 

I'm expanding the 'to the trade' 
portion of my business.
If you have an on line shop or brick and mortar
please feel free to contact me for 
one of a kind repurposed pieces and 
vintage oddities.