.... a house in order ... 

I know you know that old syndrome .... 
'what can I possibly blog about that's not been said before?'

the end of the year
trite resolutions
new's years eve galas
travel plans
more resolutions
managing fad diets

and on and on and on ... 

reflecting on this new year
I'm trying desperately to squelch
 the idea of turning
I've decided that my house
 needs cleaning ... 
not with a mop and cleansers,

no ... my time~ my days~my hours~ my minutes

with that said, my resolve to you 
is this

I will get my house in order.
I will pray for my kids
I will fill my time with worship and thanksgiving
I will beat down with a big stick
the love of all things material 
(my biggest hurdle) 

life goes like this ... 
we need to work to survive ... 
but I will not let that dominate ...
blogging, facebook, pinterest ... workbench
all fun in and of themselves
don't misunderstand

I'm blessed and grateful to have the talents
that have been given to me

more than all of this
I want to be found ready
I want my house in order

a happy new year to all

press in
hold on
... get out the mop and cleanser!