the true test of any one's faith is this

when put to the test ... 
can it withstand
the storms of life ... 
can it uphold them in the very pit of tragedy ... 
is that faith growing or stagnant ...

faith is a very personal issue ...
... when life dishes out
pain, sorrow and in some cases death,
people clamor ... they scramble to hold onto
faith and seek comfort therein.

a life ring if you will

faith reminds me of
the strength and stability of 
a barn ...
a most beautiful site to behold

tall and graceful
built on rock solid foundations
they last for generation
upon generation

our family barn  and out buildings hail from the turn of the century

vintage machinery, 'put out to pasture'
a common sight here in the Midwest

historically preserved round barn

so, cling to your faith
ramp it up, 
grow it strong
set a course with that faith
a course that will withstand the storms
of life.

like the family barn,
pass it on 

stoic faith
tall and graceful
built on a rock solid foundation

upon generation