a post from the past and an update ...

Being the farm girl that I am ...
I love carts 

always have
always will

it must be the container gene in me ...
organize and condense
and keep things tidy ... blah blah blah

truth be told, if I had a large enough kitchen
it would resemble this creative living space ...
I know, that you know I'm leading up to something here, right?

You're right!

hang on...

oh, and if I could re-do my wedding
you'd be walking up to this
 venue for your piece of  cake

when my daughters were small
this was their favorite cart ...

I've kept it all these years!

I'm saving the best for last!
Today I was out and about
snooping for treasures for the May 2012

lo and behold ...
was right inside the door
at the first stop I made.

adorable dirty white rubber tires ...
one center handle with original gripper
metal lined basket ...
17 x 38
(to the top of the handle)
and oooooodles of French charm, I know right?

it makes it to 
you'll be able to see for yourself ...
I may be posting this
this fall
or I may be fostering it for a while.

tell me now,
would you have bought this?
your thoughts please

this cart sold immediately almost 
a year ago ... 
good news is, I found another one

you can see it here ...

all other images


KarenSue Farash said...

You find the best stuff, Joy!

Theresa said...

I love it;). No wonder it sold!!! Hugs

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I gave you a little (third) shout out today!

(I wondered where that 50 yard line marker went!)

Your assortment at second shout out is brilliant.

Bliss said...

Is there such thing as a cartoholic?


Beach House Living said...

Love, love them all.

ImSoVintage said...

so jealous :)

~ Liz ~ said...

Give me wheels! I love anything on wheels! Carts are impossible to resist. Love seeing so many sweet ones in one place. Can't believe you found another basket cart like this. So fun!

107 Vintage said...

Great stuff.. we are heading out to TN on Sunday, Vacation in mind.. but you know we will have to stop
and snoop around some Vintage places.. finds just
waiting to be discovered.
Love the wicker cart.. and my girls had a shopping
cart just like that, but their favorite was a doll buggy- just load it up and stroll away the hours.


Cynthia said...

I love these pictures. They are fantastic!! I love all the carts.


Jen Orsini said...

Oh gosh, these are fantastic. I guess I'm not too far off the mark when I tie a basket to an old luggage cart for shopping the farmer's market?
(I'm new here, and I love your style!)

decorator to the stars said...

HI, how have you been? if you're in the market for those flea carts, i make them out of vintage baskets, wheels, handles, etc. contact me at i'm super cheap!!! you allready know that :) Gio go here:

The Shabby Chick said...

Love them all...

Ggomez said...

Lucky! I have never found one! Ok well I have on line but soooo expensive :(

Myreen Gelhaus said...

I attended a workshop many years ago where Virginia Scharff postulated
that women love containers because we are containers. Makes sense to me
and I have worked to prove that
theory ever since! Her latest book "Women Jefferson Loved" is wonderful.