good morning fifi fans ...

allow me to unpack this post
from the very beginning ... 

... going back way back to the original "scout"
Kim at Daisy Cottage read my kitchen makeover post called "Move that Bus"
(January 2009) ... emailed me and asked for pictures

is she not beautiful?
Her charming writing abilities can be found in "Romantic Country"..if you put two and two together it equals the fact that her and miss FIFI know each other.
Kim asked for a disc of pictures, promising to send it on to editors. One never knows and she begged me not to get my hopes too high.
well that was then and this is NOW ... a year and a half later.
so settle in ... grab a wicker rocker, refill your coffee me on the porch ...
oh, and one last thing ...
conjur up in your mind
Fifi's adorable, authentic Parisian accent ...


cityfarmer ..."what was the inspiration for your new book?"

"I wanted a more simple, back to basics ...
I have a great love of nature and solitude
and a passion for the rural life  ... genteel 
living ... I adore the slower pace of the country."

cityfarmer ..."Has your heart always throbbed with the country farm-y life?"

Fifi ...
"I used to be alot more frou frou ...
but I've always loved the country ... actually my inspiration is "Little House on the Prairie"

cityfarmer ... "How did you train your eye for your keen sense of style and design?"

Fifi ... "It come to me as instinct.
The more you style the better you get.
You find what really works for you."

cityfarmer ... "Do you style your own home?
and how often?"

Fifi ... "I go in phases. I'm sure you'll relate to this.You put some flowers in a vase and without realizing it you're changing the entire room around."

cityfarmer ..."are you a collector? Where are your favorite shopping spots?"

Fifi ... " yes yes yes ... my favorite spots are
Sarasota Architectural Salvage and Sarasota Trading Company.
Right now I'm looking for a kitchen island with a zinc top!"

cityfarmer ... "on a rainy night in Florida with no agenda, Fifi does what?"

Fifi ..." I work"

cityfarmer ... "Many of us have been doing this for a really long time. What would say to someone just starting to fill their home and collect?
It's frustrating when you want it all right away"

Fifi ... "for sure take your time ... experiment ...
work with shops that will allow you to take something home and try it.
Buy only what you love.
BUT, do buy it when you see it"

cityfarmer ..."as you've stepped in to our homes to style and design for the book, you've given us the confidence and applause that you "get" what we're doing ...
But what do you take away from this whole experience?
How have these last few days changed you?"

Fifi ... "I gain alot of experience.
I make wonderful new friends.
New ideas come to me as I step in to each home. I see new things through the lens of the camera.
The learning process is so exciting. It goes way beond what people have ... it's what they do with what they have.
I adore traveling and experiencing how   
people live ..."

Fifi ... may I just say to you ..."I feel like I've known you my entire life.
I consider you and me to now be lifelong friends.
Thank you for your enthusiastic endorsement
of farmhouse flair

To quote Don ... " this is the inside of my head"
I love you ...