Dinner is served.
Got so excited I didn't even notice  in what order these were being uploaded.

The wine will be poured momentarily.
Have a seat and enjoy the makeover tour.

It's all in the details ... 
every item hails from thriftn' ... 

Mishmash of neutrals ... 
Benjamin Moore White Dove ... BM Natural Wicker
Pittsburgh ... Eiffel Tower ( ceiling and wall cover)

Favorite vista
... I'm sitting here as we speak with this as my viewpoint.

Favorite soninlaw painted this four years ago as we prepared for a shower in Angela's honor.
The world's BEST painter/faux finish expert.
Hugs to Joel!
BM Rosemary Sprig.
The sprig had sprug'd.

Faux stone wallpaper in stock bins at Menards ... 20.00 worth did this entire surface.


Cowboy (er) Cozy up!

Dish duty ... a pleasure!

Let's eat.

We use what we have ...everyday need to just look perty.

oooops dup't

Inspiration for makeover: ... paint chip (Eiffel Tower) carried around in my wallet for 2 years.
An ever changing collection of silver, glass and ironstone.
The need for change.

Nesting instinct satisfied!!

"The way put together the things you love, comes from the way you feel about them...cityfarmer"