... well not really moving,
just redirecting this site to our new website.
There, along with a shopping cart you will
also find a tab for our latest blog post.

As many of you know this blog 
was conceived ten years ago.
More than once I wanted to throw
in the "I'm quitting towel."
We hung in there and got to know so many of
you and actually
met up with some folks at the shows we do.

The business has taken a turn in the road and
now its time to offer you
ecommerce, Savvycityfarmer style.
You'll be able to use the same web address,
not to worry.

We'll give one more shout out 
by this weekend.
If you'd like to be added our
newsletter/email list
please email us!

{and yes, we'll have dishes for sale on our farmhouse kitchen page}