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When we had our retail store we sold ALL of Susan Branch's tittles, ... this was always the best seller!
She visited our shop three different time for book signings.
 It is chock full of fabulous, simple autumn recipes, along with hostess gift ideas and of course handrawn images as only Susan Branch can do.
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As I ran, literally ran
 around the grounds (so I could get back to our booth)
I tried to capture the excitement and flavor of this glorious weekend!
A huge thank you and round of applause
to Kim and David Leggett owners of 
their staff and countless volunteers
who made this event go over the top!


Two people and a cast of many can take an open field and magically transform 
it into an over the top shopping experience!

Kim and David 
own and operate City Farmhouse
a veritable romp of a shop nestled in historic
Franklin, Tennessee. They work together seamlessly.
( my first visit there will be this week, yay!!)

( last years' show stopper event barn)

Kim Leggett

lest we forget Mr. hardworking "always working" David !!!

This is the scene of last years' show
where shoppers filled their carts, trucks and trailers
and headed home happy campers.
I know of many who are headed out this week, 
so excited to get there they are leaving midweek!
… and
taking their vacations scheduled around this

Talented, hand picked dealers from across the country
will once again gather
and set up "shop" displaying and styling each booth into 
eye candy such as cannot even be described.

Would you look at this gorgeous media
Kim designed for this years' show!

thank you Kim and David for such contagious energy!
We're on our way!

follow along on Facebook and 
watch for the hashtag #cityfarmhousepopup 


You can find us here!
Hobnobbing with Nina Hartmann
and Matthew Mead ...
We met so many of y'all last fall
and would love to see you again!
We are busy packing and 
loading some of the greatest pieces
we've ever taken to a show.
We'll be updating over on
 Facebook and Instagram!
hashtag # cityfarmhousepopup
"tag" along if you wish.

more construction on this blog by the weekend!
thanks for being patient


busy busy week here 
we're on the countdown
for the CITYFARMHOUSE  show in Nashville.
posting  projects and merchandise
on instagram …
please follow there if you wish!

7 foot farm table in production

7 foot farm table in production


okay fall, let's see whatchya got!

my daughter at 
is growing blue punkins' … lets keep our fingers crossed
cuz mama wants some!

very pretty picture
via lizmarieblog


call me crazy
call me silly
call me weird 

I simply cannot throw out my paint brushes
when they bite the dust!
 looking at them reminds me of the hundreds of pieces
they have enhanced and redesigned.
I love the mottled, crusty,  speckled paint and goo!

the artist in me must be a little loon-ey

I've been known to actually display them.

I gathered the 'pile' and threw them in a trophy, loving cup
and bam
instant charm for any vignette!

I 've even been known to scoop them up and 
use them as props when I do shows!

guess what everybody wants to 'buy'?

the brushes!

so paint me up scotty!!!


all of your used brushes
left to dry up and become crust-y
a trophy cup of some such other cache!


I get all my brushes on Amazon!!
click on the image if you wish ...


a post from the past and an update ...

Being the farm girl that I am ...
I love carts 

always have
always will

it must be the container gene in me ...
organize and condense
and keep things tidy ... blah blah blah

truth be told, if I had a large enough kitchen
it would resemble this creative living space ...
I know, that you know I'm leading up to something here, right?

You're right!

hang on...

oh, and if I could re-do my wedding
you'd be walking up to this
 venue for your piece of  cake

when my daughters were small
this was their favorite cart ...

I've kept it all these years!

I'm saving the best for last!
Today I was out and about
snooping for treasures for the May 2012

lo and behold ...
was right inside the door
at the first stop I made.

adorable dirty white rubber tires ...
one center handle with original gripper
metal lined basket ...
17 x 38
(to the top of the handle)
and oooooodles of French charm, I know right?

tell me now,
would you have bought this?
your thoughts please

this cart sold immediately almost 
a year ago ... 
good news is, I found another one

I have three old laundry carts in the shed for
the show in Nashville … 
if you're so inclined to want a fresh new one

you can click the picture
and order today!
(and stencil your own  numbers on!)

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