In ten years of blogging I have learned a lot ... 
it's like the golf course, the basketball court, 
the line at the market, the gas station or
any venue where the public is involved ....
there stands the E word 
 ... etiquette ...
actually it's a pretty little word
looks French to me ...

many of you know the awful spot
 I found myself in when I was a 
newbie ... eight years ago!
yes, I used Cory Amaro's photos
with out any credit whatsoever ... 
I will admit, I did not know this
internet E word!
We worked it out and she was very 
all that to say that
this photo of our kitchen
popped up on FB yesterday
on thirteen different pages 
with out any mention anywhere
about the origin.
I added the water mark this morning
{some of the blame falls here}

I have never been one to get my knickers in a knot
over my humble iphone photos
but ladies ...
we all know the drill by now
or at least half of the drill, i.e.
"I'm, not sure of the origin of this
photo, can anyone shout it out"

and so it goes like this ...
use the photo
comment on the photo
share the photo
give whatever credit you can!
... but dig around a little
double click on the {pin}
and you're sure to find
a source ...

easy peasy